City deliveries

Municipal shipments in Poznań

Every company these days requires special attention: an individual approach customized to the demands of the task at hand which differs from the common mass service predominant in markets. To that end, we provide you with our city vehicle fleet:

  • 8-pallet vehicle with a capacity of up to 1200kg for moving a greater number of pallets
  • 5-pallet vehicle with rear lift where neither the sender nor the receiver have an (un)loading facility
  • 4-pallet vehicle: standard van where no special requirements apply
  • 2 Dacia Dokker vehicles for non-standard-shape city parcels
  • 2 Citroen Berlingo vehicles for non-standard-size city parcels
  • 3 Panda Van vehicles for reliable parcel movement in city centre
Price list
  • The basic rates quoted below are given for shipments weighing up to 5 kg

    Shipments within city limits of PoznańService price
    CITY CENTER, within the area of ul. Solna - al. Niepodległości – ul. Królowej Jadwigi – ul. GarbaryPLN 8.00
    ZONE 1: up to 5 kmPLN 13.00
    ZONE 2: 5 km to 10 kmPLN 18.00
    ZONE 3: up to 10 km from city limitsPLN 20.00

    Shipments beyond city limits of Poznań Service price
    ZONE 4: up to 5 km from city limits PLN 25.00
    ZONE 5: up to 10 km from city limits PLN 29.00
    ZONE 6: up to 15 km from city limits PLN 33.00

  • Type of service Price of service
    Consignments weighing more than 5 kg - extra payment for each started 5 kgPLN 5.00
    Waiting of the courier for a consignment (exceeding 10 minutes) - for each started 10 minutes PLN 5.00
    Return shipment - price according to the basic services price list
    The second and the following delivery attempt service price + 50%
    Orders performed between 17:00 -19:00 service price + 50%
    Orders performed between 19:00 - 08:00 service price + 100%
    Delivery address adjustment service price + 50%
    Orders fulfilled on Saturdays service price + 100%
    Orders on Sundays and public holidays service price + 150%
  • Type of service Price of service
    Express - performance standard: within an hour from acceptance of the order service price + 100%
    Domestic Express - more than 15 km away from the administrative borders of the Poznań City PLN 1.10 / km (both ways)
    Next Day delivery - delivery of a consignment next day, in the area of the Poznań City, by 12:00 PLN 10.00
    Distribution of small consignments - number exceeding 10 pcs. (performance day - next business day) PLN 8.00
    Sending via courier PLN 25.00 + costs acc. to valid tariff of PKP [Polish National Railways]
    Pick-up from (railway) courier and delivery PLN 25.00

    Dedicated services

    • Formalities in ZUS [Social Insurance Service] and Tax Revenue Offices
    • Pick-up and delivery of documents at agreed time
    • Packaging
    • Customizing
  • In recent years fuel prices have significantly gone up according to data from the Energy and Transport European Commission – by more than 10% in Europe, and more than 20% in Poland (based on the price of the Gdańsk Refinery). In addition, as from 01-01-2010, the government introduced another fee equal to 23 Polish groshes per liter of diesel. Therefore, as most of the freight companies, DCS has been charging the fuel fee for all freight services from 01-01-2010.

    Fuel fee

     Domestic freight Road international freightAir international freight
    Fuel fee 25,0% 25,0% ECO 25,0%

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