Domestic deliveries

Mail your parcel or letter to have it delivered fast and reliably on the next day to anywhere in the world.

Book your service from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. You can make a booking on other days and at a different time of day by making a prior arrangement with a DCS dispatcher. You can also opt for same day parcel delivery.

Domestic shipping – detailed price list
  • Weight of a shipmentPrice of service
    A4 envelope and a parcel up to 1 kgPLN 25,00
    within 5 kgPLN 27,00
    5 - 10 kg PLN 29,00
    10 - 15 kg PLN 31,00
    15 - 20 kg PLN 33,00
    20 - 25 kg PLN 35,00
    25 - 30 kg PLN 38,00
    exceeding 30 kg, for every started kg PLN 1,00

    Estimated delivery time: by 13:00 in former provincial cities, in other cities consignments are delivered by 17:00

  • Name of the servicePrice
    Domestic express - sending and reception of a consignment the same dayPLN 90.00
    Road express - dedicated transport, door-to-door systemcar (consignment weight up to 100 kg) PLN 1.00 / km
    truck (consignment weight up to 1500 kg) PLN 1.20 / km
    Extra payments for reservation of delivery timedelivery by 9:00PLN 90.00
    delivery by 10:00PLN 60.00

    Special services are carried out after previous agreement with a DCS office.

  • Volume shipments – in case when so called “dimensional weight” exceeds the real one, the price is agreed for the dimensional weight acc. to the formula:

    For shipments longer than 200 cm, price is agreed acc. to the formula:

    Length based weight = real weight + 1kg for each cm exceeding 200 cm


    Name of the service Price
    Return of confirmed documents PLN 8.00
    Waiting of the courier for a parcel (exceeding 10 min) PLN 5 net for every started 10 min.
    Orders performed between 17:00-19:00 service price + 50%
    Orders performed between 19:00-8:00 service price + 100%
    Delivery address adjustment necessary to deliver a consignment service price + 50%
    Reception or delivery on Saturday service price + 100%
    Reception or delivery on Sunday and on holidays service price + 150%
    Delivery to a private individual PLN 6.00
    A consignment length of which (the longest side) exceeds 100 cm, extra payment: PLN 15.00
    Additional insurance protection for the value above PLN 1,000.000.2% of the declared value of shipment
  • Transport solutions adjusted to individual needs of clients.

    We suggest using dedicated road transport for consignments, which must not be serviced in a standard way or they require express delivery. Goods received from Poznań and adjacent area will be delivered within 24h to all cities in the country. For needs of this service we use the following vehicles:

     LengthWidthHeight Load Capacity Pallet
    Price/km Price/1 hour
    Ducato Plandeka4,00m2,20m2,10m1500kg8PLN 1.2 PLN 55
    Ducato Furgon3,30m1,70m1,85m1200kg4PLN 1.1 PLN 55
    Peugeot Furgon3,95m1,95m2,10m1200kg6PLN 1.2 PLN 55
    Sprinter Kontener4,20m2,10m2,30m1200kg8 + windaPLN 1.2 PLN 55
    VV LT-46 Plandeka4,50m2,20m2,00m800kg8PLN 1.4 PLN 55
    Nissan Furgon2,20m1,20m1,30m700kg2PLN 1.0 PLN 55
    VW LT-55 Plandeka4,70m2,20m2,00m3000kg9PLN 1.4 PLN 60
    Iveco Plandeka4,20m2,20m2,30m1500kg8PLN 1.4 PLN 60
    Iveco Kontener6,10m2,45m2,35m3000kg14PLN 1.7 PLN 60
  • In recent years fuel prices have significantly gone up according to data from the Energy and Transport European Commission – by more than 10% in Europe, and more than 20% in Poland, (based on the price of the Gdańsk Refinery). In addition, as from 01-01-2010, the government introduced another fee equal to 23 Polish groshes per liter of diesel. Therefore, as most of the freight companies, DCS has been charging the fuel fee for all freight services from 01-01-2010.

     Domestic freight Road international freight Air international freight
    Fuel fee since 01-01-202225% 25% ECO 25%

Selected additional services:

  • No surcharge on deliveries to private persons
  • Collect on delivery
  • Delivery notification by e-mail
  • Delivery acknowledgement
  • Insurance protection
  • Change of receiver address while service is in progress
  • Delivery notification by telephone
  • Saturday delivery
  • Return of acknowledgement accompanying shipment
  • Return of copies of proof of delivery
  • Non-standard parcels

We also prepare goods for shipping and specifically offer:

  • Storage
  • Packing
  • Product division into packages;
  • Sorting
  • Securing shipments with proper packaging.
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